About Us

Welcome to our new online store!

Organic Twist was established in 2009, sourcing the best quality hand carved jewelery and accessories directly from the crafts people around the world. We supply various tattoo studios with quality piercing and body jewelery. Striving to bring you uniquely crafted products which inspire creativity and freedom of expression sets us apart from conventional retail outlets. OrganicTwist showcases ear tunnels, carved organic ear plugs, carved tapers, spiral and carved ear stretchers, horn, bone and wood cheater earrings, leather bracelets, belts, wallets, hand crafted gifts and hand made clothing.

We are about the unconventional, practical, beautiful, creative and imaginative image.
Our organic collections are made out of the finest organic materials such as buffalo horn, cow bone, assorted exotic woods, leather, sea shells and stones. None of the materials used are prohibited or protected and we make sure that our organic collection doesn't have any negative impact on the environment. All organic materials are non-allergenic and suitable for everyday wear.

We are a small but growing business and we believe in supporting small industry. We are passionate about changing the world one little step at a time, what better way to start than by not leaving a carbon footprint.

Express your originality!